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Being an angel wasn’t easy. Uriel would never look down on the others for finding themselves in a position where they felt incapable of doing the job they’d been born, or created, none of them were quite sure which is was, because they’d never been given a choice. They’d never been trained either, so it had been a case of picking things up as they went, and that made things even harder. Even after millennia watching over the afterlife he still made mistakes, but then it was possible he was just making the same mistake continuously. They always said he’d had to strong a connection to the spirit guides he was supposed to just be watching over.

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Written for [personal profile] meeks's picture prompt.

It wasn't often that an angel walked through the afterlife, but when it did all the spirits knew that something important was happening. What they didn't know, and Caitlyn did, was that a lot of planning went into when the angel was going to visit. There would be several phone calls, which were referred to as 'Sacred Calling', files would be passed between the spirit guide and the angel, the route the angel was going to take through the afterlife was planned carefully, and then the angel would enter the afterlife. 

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