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Every door is a little different, even the doors created by the fae. Some are permanent; some move; some are transient; some will take you to different places depending on the day of the week or the phase of the moon; some will take you back in time; some will take you forward in time; and some… well, a magical door can pretty much take you anywhere. There are people, normally demons, who know what each door will do, but none of this information is written down, even though most of the doors cannot be used by the walkers.

The permanent doors created by the fae have beautiful stone frames around them, as a symbol of their existence. Each is guarded by at least one gargoyle, although these gargoyles aren’t the same as the ones you’d see on Earth. All of the gargoyles have a stone shape and a human shape. It is due to the gargoyles that demons can have trouble travelling through the doors the walkers use, but they are some who are happy to let a demon use one of their doors.

None of the other doors have a physical symbol. They are purely magical, so if you don’t know they’re there and you don’t have the ability to walk through them without a tattoo then they’ll have no affect on you. Often walkers come across these doors but have no idea. It may be possible to create tattoos for these doors, if someone with the right magical ability knew they existed, but it would be a difficult thing to do.

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The fae, when creating the many races of the web, were often more interested in the different magics they could give each of them and so many were based on the human race. In part this was because many of the fae who had survived the end of the magic on their old world could be seen as the lesser fae, because they were more humanoid. Only a few of the greater fae, the less humanoid, managed to survive. Some had a part in making sure that there were at least a few races that were based on those who had lost their lives. No one is quite sure why, although some believe that the greater fae needed more magic in order to simply survive, while others think it is due to the stronger connection the greater fae had to their old world.

As the world creators worked together with the race creators, and there was often several of them working on each world, some worlds were created specifically for the races that were going to live there while others were created in order to test the races who would be placed on that world. Everything they did was an experiment, because most of them didn’t care much about who they were creating or what would happen to them later on. It wasn’t because the fae are uncaring in general, but the Yellow family is still seen as the least caring of the thirteen families, more interested in what they can do with their magic than anything else. Some of the Yellows really are like that. Others did care about what they were doing, but they were entirely sure that what they were doing was the only option.

Due to their lack of understanding the fae’s experiments could easily have gone very wrong. Almost all of the races were given some form of magic, often based on a magic the fae knew of, although they were just as experimental as everything else they did, and this could have ended everything. Instead they got lucky. They had landed on a world with some understanding of what needed to be done and it worked on making sure that those things were done, along with its newly created child worlds. Unfortunately the fae don’t know this, so they believe that everything they did worked, apart from those things they know for certain went wrong (like the doors leading to Taithmarin, Kankirin, and Aerith).

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39. Quiar

Sep. 30th, 2012 02:31 pm
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Welcome to Quiar

Created by Elizabeth Barrette.

I cheated and copied everything from the word document she sent me, because I couldn’t write about this world as well as she can. Quiar is a beautifully created world and I can’t wait to post the first story about it. I’m hoping that, if she feels like it, Elizabeth may also explore this world.

There is a lot of information behind the cut, which is why it’s behind a cut, so take your time and enjoy exploring Quiar.

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37. Linda

Sep. 25th, 2012 04:29 pm
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Created by MJ Ashford/DW user forgottenspirits

Linda is the home of the Linduns, four races with a connection to the elements: the Embers; the Clouds; the Waves; and the Rocks. The Embers are red and orange coloured lizard people who have pyrokinesis as their elemental power. They are permanently at war with the Waves and the Rocks. The Waves ae deep blue/sky green scaled people with both lungs and gills so they can live comfortable in and out of water. Their elemental ability is divination and they are also able to time travel. The Rocks are metallic coloured golems that have super strength. The Clouds, because they keep out of the war, are shunned by the other three races. They are blue, white and grey feathered people who can fly, are telepathic and have kinesis.

In the centre of the world, connecting the lands of the four other races, live the eight deities of this world on their own island. They are believed to be the favoured race, created by the fae to watch over the others, and this means they have a lot of control, but they don’t always use this in a way the walkers would be happy with.

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Jason walked alone along the street, not paying attention to anything other than the voices he could hear. Some of the wishes were ones he would never even contemplate fulfilling, because they were selfish or they’d affect someone else adversely, but then there were others, more heartfelt, that tugged at his empathy. Not all wishes could be granted, so he spent much of his time learning about each person he wanted to help. That was what everyone with wish magic did. Every day they heard the voices of the many races of the web and made their choices about which wishes they could grant.

When Jason was a younger he had granted wishes that he probably shouldn’t have done, the way almost everyone with the ability had, because it was harder then to look at every wish dispassionately. All granted wishes were recorded, as were the effects, so he knew that none of the wishes had done any real damage to a person or timeline, as he could hear wishes from people who had lived hundreds of years before him. There were those who could also hear wishes from people in the future. That was why some said that they knew more about the web than the walkers did, but he wasn’t sure that was necessarily true. He would admit that they probably knew more about the people of the web than the walkers did.

Each wish that was granted had an effect on the web and sometimes it wasn’t possible to know what sort of an effect it would be until it happened. Jason had seen some innocuous wishes that seemed as though they couldn’t have any major effect turning one of the worlds upside down, while there were those that could have changed the worlds and didn’t do anything much at all. No matter how much research they did there was no way to be totally sure what would happen, so all they could do was guess and hope for the best.

There were rules about the wishes they could grant, but not everyone followed them, and there was no way to keep track of everyone with wish magic. Jason had first realised he had the ability when he was thirteen, which was the normal age for the races of Siaral to gain their power. He’d thought it was likely because his mother had wish magic and it had missed his older sister. It was something she was glad of, as she’d always wanted to be a unicorn breeder. If he’d wanted to keep his ability to himself it would have been easy enough to lie, because his power didn’t show outwardly, and he didn’t have to do anything to grant wishes.

Sighing, Jason told himself to stop thinking about the things he couldn’t change. When there were rules there were always going to be people who wanted to break them and people who were doing their best to stop those rules from being broken. He had always followed the rules they were given, knowing it was for the good of the web, even though there were times he could have broken them to help people who needed it.

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“Come with me,” Paul said, smiling. “You’ve told me before how much you’d love to explore time and now is the time to do it.”

Vanessa looked at Paul. Their eyes met and she bit her lip. Time travelling wasn’t something anyone did without careful planning or the agreement of at least one of the officials in charge of controlling who went where. He was holding one of the stones in his hand, that she knew couldn’t be bought, so he must have gone through the official channels, but she was still unsure.

“I don’t know,” she replied, glancing at the stone and then back at Paul’s face.

“We’ll be there for two weeks and then we’ll come home. I know you’re on holiday, so it’s not as though it’s going to be a problem getting time off, and I really want to show you my favourite time period.” Paul reached out and touched her hand. “Please, Nessa.”

Paul was saying the right words, but Vanessa had a feeling there was something he wasn’t telling her. They’d known each other since childhood, even though they hadn’t always been friends, and there were times she knew him better than she knew herself. She was certain this was one of those times. In his eyes, behind the convincing smile, was another emotion.

“Why now?” she asked.

“It feels like the right time.”

“Is there something that you’re not telling me?”

When Paul shook his head Vanessa knew he was lying to her, but there was no evidence. It was just her intuition telling her that she shouldn’t go with him, not right then, because he had another reason for travelling back in time. At the same time she couldn’t help thinking that she should go with him. He wouldn’t have asked her if he didn’t want her with him.

“I know it’s short notice and I probably should have at least mentioned the idea of us going time travelling together, but I wanted it to be a surprise. This is something you’ve always wanted to do.”

Nodding, Vanessa glanced at the stone again. “How did you manage to convince someone to let me go with you?”

“I’m not going back in time to do anything in particular, just to check a couple of things are going the way they’re meant to be, and when someone outside of one of the organisations goes time travelling they have to have a chaperon, so I thought I’d combine the two.”

Vanessa realised she was still chewing on her lip and told herself to stop, as she attempted to think things through. Paul had been with one of the secretive time travelling organisations for five years, since they had left school, and she couldn’t imagine him turning his back on them, but she knew he wasn’t always comfortable with what he was asked to do. They’d never been able to talk about exactly what he did, because everything was confidential, and she couldn’t help feeling relieved. It was too easy to imagine what he may have been asked to do.

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The fifth of the five creatures created for Siaral was the elemental birds. After creating the phoenixes, and hoping they were phoenixes rather than just birds that looked like phoenixes, they wanted to work on something they believed in. They didn’t take the elemental birds from any old mythologies, instead creating what they believed to be an entirely new creature, and experimented just as much with these as they had with the dragons, unicorns and pegasi.

As with all the creatures, except the phoenixes, they began with miniature birds, around the size of finches, that could easily be kept in cages. The largest birds they created were around the size of eagles. Each bird was given the power of one element and not just the basic elements. Once there were earth, air, fire, and water birds, the Yellow family experimented with other elements. Ice birds, shadow birds, and many other were created, each with their own abilities.

The Breeders didn’t really see much of a use for the elemental birds, in the same way that the dragons, unicorns, and pegasi could be used, but they were beautiful. As with all the creatures they worked with the merchants to work out if there was any way of selling the elemental birds, and again a couple of merchants took eggs with them to see if they could be sold. As with the phoenixes they did sell, more because of their stunning looks than because of the magic they had, but it didn’t take long for people to realise that the birds were useful as well as beautiful. Water birds could be used during droughts, light birds could be used in dark places, and they became as important to the web as the other creatures.

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The third of the five creatures created for Siaral were the pegasi, the mythological flying horses. Creating the pegasi was an afterthought, a creature the fae remembered only after they began studying to create the unicorns, and chose to make them as well, because it gave the Yellow family a chance to experiment with wings.

Much less thought and work went into creating the pegasi. Most had already been done for the unicorns, so they took the information they already had and used it to create several different breeds of pegasi. Again they worked on creating a miniature form, because it was a good way testing their abilities.

Once they were on Siaral the Breeders cared as much for the pegasi as they did for the unicorns, realising that the two forms of horse were actually very different. The pegasi had much more freedom than the unicorns, because they could fly, and often explored the web alone, although they always returned home to Siaral. The merchants also appreciated the pegasi, as they were a useful form of transport around the web, and brought in good money.

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The second of the five creatures created for Siaral were the unicorns. Again inspiration was taken from human mythologies, but there was much less for the unicorns, and this interested the Yellows. Unicorns were said to be beautiful creatures, often seen only by virgins, believed once to be a real creature, until it became a human myth. In simple terms they were horses, or occasionally goats, with horns. All had magic.

First the fae in charge studied the magic of the unicorn. It was a start, but they wanted more. From the unicorns they moved onto breeds of horses, studying each one in depth to work out exactly what they could take from the horse and add to the unicorn. This was harder, as it meant understanding a creature most of the fae had never seen before, but they eventually felt they could begin.

As with the dragons they made miniature unicorns before moving onto larger beasts. In this case it was a way of making sure they’d done things right. All the unicorns had what could be called unicorn magics, especially the ability to heal, and then a breed specific power.

Finally they were passed onto the Breeders, who again were given no help by the fae. Some Breeders favoured working with the dragons, but there were those who were uncomfortable with them, and happily took on the job of breeding the unicorns. When the merchants came there were those who sold dragons and those who sold unicorns, who were favoured often by ladies, and used instead of horses because of their abilities. Young girls could be given miniature unicorns to learn how to look after creatures, in a way that children on Earth would be given a hamster or other small creature.

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The first of the five creatures to be created for Siaral was the dragons. Inspiration for them was taken from human mythologies, which were often studied by the Yellow family as creatures were the only way they could experiment on their old world. They once also, thanks to the election of a Yellow Queen, got permission to create the Dragon race who lived with them on their old world until Willow left. Having more freedom meant that the creators were more experimental with the breeds of dragons they created.

All the dragons had magic, with each breed having different abilities. From the smallest dragons, a miniature breed that had the ability to teleport, to the largest, who could breathe fire like the dragons of legend were said to, they all had the magic of flight. Some were based on Eastern dragons, others were based on European dragons, a few were based on wyverns, and then there were those who came purely from one of the Yellow fae’s imagination.

Of course, once the fae left the dragons in the capable hands of the Breeders there were those that thrived and those that didn’t. Some breeds of dragon died out within a few years and probably should never have been created in the first place. The Breeders worked hard to keep the numbers of each of the surviving dragon breeds up, learning to understand the creatures that had been thrust upon them without any guidance. Merchants visited, wanting to take at least some of the dragon breeds to other worlds, and miniature dragons became a favourite with many people as messengers and companions.

Soon the Breeders were working with the merchants to make money from the creatures they had learned to love. Cross breeds were created and occassionally they had help from some of the remaining fae with the ability to make new breeds of dragons, especially the miniature dragons who couldn’t easily be breed with the larger ones.

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Riordan couldn’t help, at the same time as feeling totally torn by the whole idea of creating worlds, thinking about the worlds he would like to work on. He knew that his family would be working with the Yellows, which wasn’t unusual, and there had been conversations, when they hadn’t believed it would be possible, between him and one of his Yellow friends. They had been friends ever since they were young, Riordan’s father mentoring Bronwen because she had the ability to create both animate and inanimate things. Riordan had, in the beginning, been jealous, but that had faded when he realised how hard it was for her. The fae, in general, didn’t like those who were different.

It hadn’t taken Riordan long to realise that Bronwen had no friends within her family and then… he had felt sorry for her, but that wasn’t why he’d ended up becoming friends with her. He smiled, remembering. They’d bonded over a book, one of his favourites, about the creation of the Dragons. Everyone knew that the Dragons had been created by the Yellow family, during a time when the rules binding the use of their power had been loosened thanks to a Yellow Queen, but none of the fae could remember it. Of course the Dragons could, being immortal, but they didn’t like to talk about their beginnings.

A conversation had bloomed on what they would do if the rules were loosened again, for either the Blue or Yellow family magic, and now that those rules didn’t exist Riordan knew he would end up working with Bronwen on at least one world. It was inevitable. Yet he still worried that they would be making a huge mistake. The town had worked well enough, as had the people who lived there, but the mechanics of making an entire world was entirely different.

An entire world… Riordan shook his head. There would be more than one, but he didn’t know how many there would be, or how many would be chosen to work on them. He knew several people he would ask if he had been in control of making the decisions, not just for the creation of the worlds themselves because there would be more than that to do. Towns and cities would be important, so they didn’t just dump newly created people, he shuddered at the thought, onto a planet with nowhere to live.

Yellows would have to work on the races, the plants, and the animals, making sure that there was enough to eat, at least to begin with. Riordan picked up a quill. There was so much to think about, more than anyone could remember without help, so he started working on a list. It was, to begin with at least, for him and Bronwen, because he knew that they could, with the help of a couple of other friends, create a world. He wasn’t sure he wanted to, but he could. Sighing, he scribbled down two words at the top of the sheet of paper.

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“When one of the Nox Gadael disappears everyone else simply assumes that they’ve been caught by the hunters, because that’s normal for us,” Monique said, her voice sad, “and there are too few of us for the memory wiping thing to work.” She tilted her head to one side, looking thoughtful. “Although it does seem as though there are more Nox Gadael than we believe there is, because there are packs here we never knew existed.”

Zoe bit her lip, trying not to compare her easy life to that of the Nox Gadael. “It seems impossible, with the number of humans on Earth, that anyone I knew might end up here.” She shrugged. “I don’t know if I’d want them to.”

“That is understandable, considering what humans are forced to give up when they are brought here by the door. We see it as a positive change in our lives, because we would otherwise still be hunted, but for you…” Monique shook her head. “I wish we could affect the door in some way, to only bring those who need sanctuary to Taithmarin, but no one understands the magic that was used to create it.”

“I don’t regret what happened, but it took me some time to get to understand that. I had no real aim in life if I stop and really think about what I was doing, although I was happy being aimless. Now I’m here I realise that there was so much more I could be doing with my time and I plan on making the most of being here.” Zoe smiled, even though she still felt a little sad about who she had left behind. “Making friends was always something I was good at, so the only thing I need to work on is getting used to the calendar here, and then I can get a job.”

“Do you have any magic?” Isen asked.

“That’s something I still need to find out. Joel, my guide, told me that many of the humans who end up on Taithmarin have the ability to use the magic of the world, but it’s not something I’ve experimented with yet.”

Monique wagged her tail. “We know Joel. He often visits us.”

“I liked Joel.” Zoe hadn’t wanted to like him, but it had been impossible not to. “He wants to meet up once he’s done with his latest new arrival so he can see how I’m getting on.”

“If it wasn’t for his work as a guide he would have several puppies by now.”

“How does that work?”

“We don’t tell everyone this, but often young Gadeal puppies connect with one of the other races and they choose to live with that person. It’s a pack thing, we think, although it’s not something we have a lot of understanding of.”

Zoe nodded. “It’s hardly something that would have happened on your old world.”

“Exactly. It doesn’t happen as much with the older Gadael, who have travelled here from our old world, but a few have chosen to live with other races.” Monique gave Zoe that look that made her think the Gadael was smiling. “There are even some Nox Gadael living with the Alati Felis.”

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At first all Astrid could do was stare around the room she had found herself in, unable to believe what she was seeing. When she had walked out of the cave she shared with her pack she had never expected to step onto another world and end up… She turned to look at Nerys.

“It’s yours,” Nerys said, wagging her tail. “You do have to pay rent, but here you will always have a comfortable home.”

Astrid’s happiness faded for a moment. “How do I pay rent?”

“Until you are used to Taithmarin and feel capable of working you will be given money each month, as a sort of welcome gift. Once you start working you will earn your own money and have more choice as to where you live.”

“Working?” Astrid shook her head. “This place is so different and I haven’t even had a chance to look around.”

“I know. I felt exactly the same way when I first got here.”

“Okay, tell me what I need to know, Nerys.”

“That’s going to take a while. As your guide I will be here for two weeks to help you get used to Taithmarin, the races that live here, and how our magic has changed.”

Astrid sat down. “I really have stepped onto a different world, haven’t I?”

“Yes, you have.” Nerys stepped forward and touched her nose to Astrid’s. “It’s going to be fine, but getting to know this place is going to get time. That’s why I’m here.”

“How long have you been here?” Astrid asked as their eyes met.

“Just over three years.”

“I last saw you seven months ago.”

“No one really knows how the door works, so I couldn’t know how long it had been for you, but time is very different here.”

“So if anyone else from our pack finds a door then it could be years after I arrived here, even though it won’t be anywhere near as much time for them?”

Nerys nodded. “Are you thinking about your mum?”

Breathing deeply at the reminder, Astrid shook her head. “We believe she was caught by hunters during her patrol, but we don’t know for sure. She just disappeared, so we held a memorial service for her, and…” She sighed. “Of course now there’s the possibility she might be alive here, but I doubt it.”

“I’ll ask around. There have been a lot of new arrivals recently. I was the last guide without an arrival to help, so we’re hoping that there isn’t another one for at least two weeks.”

“Is that normal?”

“Occasionally it happens. We don’t know why, but we do our best to help every new Nox Gadael arrival. If there is another new arrival then you may find them staying here.” Nerys shook her head. “That doesn’t mean your mum is here, but I hope she is.”

Astrid shrugged. “I don’t know if I want her to be or not. I haven’t had time to mourn her, but to me she was gone for good.”

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The Arctus, the race of night, are the third race of Beshaki and live in the final section, where it is permanently night. When they were created they were given night magic, the opposite of the Lumen day magic, which the Arctus keep secret in the same way the other two races do, although they know that the Walkers, whose knowledge covers the whole web, have a basic understanding of what night magic can do.

Unlike the Lumen the Arctus’ war on the Umbra started due to fear of what the race could do, because twilight magic, the magic between night and day, was seen as better than either and much more dangerous. The war ended when a new barrier was created between the Arctus and the Umbra, but no one knows who exactly created it. Most of the walkers believe it was a demon, getting involved in things they shouldn’t, while both the Umbra and the Arctus believed it was created by the other race.

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The second of the three races of Beshaki, the Umbra live in the twilight third. This is the central third, trapping the Umbra between the night third and day third, which hasn’t been good for the Umbra. First they had to deal with the Lumen trying to take over their territory, by the Lumen Knights, and not long after the Lumen gave up they found themselves under attack from the Arctus. There are still problems between the three races, so the Umbra work hard on keeping their borders safe.

Twilight magic, the power of the Umbra, is something that only the walkers and the Umbra know a lot about. It’s a very different magic to many of the others because it gives them an ability to work with both the dark and the light. This is part of the reason both the Lumen and the Arctus tried to destroy the Umbra, believing that they could easily take over Beshaki and use their magic in all of the three parts. What they don’t understand in the limitations of twilight magic, which are more limiting than those of day or night magic.

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One of the three races of Beshaki, the Lumen live in the third that is permanently day. They have what is called day magic, abilities that only the Lumen are born with on this world, although they may also be abilities other magic users have on other worlds. Due to the knowledge the walkers have they know exactly what abilities the Lumen have but apart from them no one else quite understands what day magic is, not even the Umbra and the Arctus, the two other magical races on Beshaki.

For centuries the Lumen have kept their side of the river dividing the day section and the twilight section, but things weren’t always that way. There was a time when the Lumen attempted to destroy the Umbra, and planned on moving onto the Arctus when that was done, believing that they had the right to rule over the entirety of Beshaki, and that was when the Lumen Knights came into existence. Now they work to keep peace between the Umbra and the Lumen in an attempt to make amends for what the first Knights attempted.

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Not everyone on Siaral becomes a Breeder, but this is what the race was called by the fae, and they don’t see a reason to change it. They are a humanoid race, created purely to look after the creatures they share a world with, so they weren’t originally given any magical powers. On this planet the fae planned on the magic of the creatures being collected rather than the people. Now many of the Breeders do have one of three forms of magic that have become normal on this world, in part due to the magical volcano.

The first form of magic is wish magic. Some Breeders can grant the wishes of anyone on any world, including Taithmarin, Kankirin, and Aerith. Normally they are careful about whose wishes they grant, but occasionally they make mistakes and grant wishes that adversely affect other people, and they don’t often grant wishes for the anyone on the lost worlds. It’s possible that the Breeders with wish magic know more about the worlds of the web than the walkers.

The second form is knot magic. Using different types of knots these Breeders can tie spells into cords for later use or to sell on to people who don’t have this ability. Often these Breeders travel to other worlds to learn spells from different races to include within the knots, as they can learn almost any type of magic known in the web. Some people think that these Breeders have the most terrifying ability as they can learn all the types of magic and the walkers watch over them more closely than any of the other breeders.

The third form is scroll magic. Breeders with this ability can create magical scrolls that can be used by almost anyone on the web. Most other written magic can only be used by races with magic, but these scrolls can be used by races without magic too. They are more expensive than any other written magic, but people are happy to pay the money in order to use magic they may never have been able to use.

Each type of Breeder wears a band around their arm to tell people which type they are. Those Breeders who don’t have any of the Breeder specific magics or want to raise the magical creatures of Siaral often travel to one of the other worlds.

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Life clay is only found on Athare, created by the world in an attempt to gather up ambient magic. On the day the fae stumbled across it they believed it was just normal clay, until they started trying to make things from it, and a newly made pot attempted to walk across the room. When this happened they started using life clay purely for making statues and statuettes, but not very often because they had no understanding of exactly what happened when they used it.

This changed when the other races discovered it existed. At first it was used purely to make little animal statuettes that could be used as companions, but then someone worked out that the little creatures could be taught to use different magical powers. Once this happened some of them were used to play large magic games that didn’t have any victims, apart from the little clay creatures, and those that were damaged were usually discarded.

Many of the discarded creatures banded together and attempted to look after each other. They couldn’t die, because they were made of clay, they didn’t feel pain, but missing limbs did make life difficult for them. Some had lost little things, like ears, while other had lost legs and arms. A lot of them still had their magical abilities, but they were almost all battle magics so not much use when it came to making a life for themselves.

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The fourth of the five creatures to be created for Siaral was the phoenixes. Another mythical creature, the Yellow family chose to create these birds because they were immortal. They had no idea if they could create an immortal creature, especially an immortal creature who died in a fire and came back to life as a young bird once more, but they were determined to try.

Surprisingly, it worked. The phoenixes the fae created didn’t live for five hundred to a thousand years before their death, but that wasn’t known until later, when the first death for those first birds happened. Most lived for around two to three hundred years before their first death and then they came back to life as a young bird. Once this was known the Breeders began working on breeding the phoenixes, even though they couldn’t imagine the phoenixes become as popular as the dragons, unicorns, or pegasi.

When the merchants first saw the phoenixes they thought the same thing, but one took a couple of phoenix eggs anyway. To everyone’s surprise they sold quickly and there were people who preferred the phoenixes as messengers, instead of using dragons. Soon they became as popular as the other creatures, being especially useful as it was later found that they could travel backwards and forwards in time.

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The third magical race of Raenarin, the Sorcerers, live on a hidden continent. They know of the Witches and Sorceresses, but neither the Witches or the Sorceresses know about the existence of the Sorcerers or the hidden continent. When the Witch Queen was alive she did know of the hidden continent and did everything she could to keep it hidden, believing that there was a reason for everything the fae did when they were creating the worlds of the web.

Sorcerers are much like Sorceresses, only male instead of female, and not insane due to learning how to use the magic of Raenarin from a male persepective. They have different abilities, although they are viewed by the common people in much the same way as the Sorceresses. A Sorcerer will have more apprentices, due to more people on the hidden continent wanting to learn how to use magic as they aren’t put off by the Witches, and there are two sorcery schools, with a new one in construction. Once a Sorcerer has completed his studies he will often explore the web and many live on other worlds. There are even a few living on the known continent of Raenarin, sending information back to the Sorcerers.

Often Sorcerers use their powers to keep any male Witches safe, knowing that they are just as important as female Witches, and are more likely to notice if a Witch is unhappy. Many do what they can to keep the few independent Witches safe as well as helping the Witches who want to be independent get away from their covens.

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