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Possibly not canon.

Ginevra stared out of the window. The world was changing around her and there was nothing she could do to stop it. No one else could have taken on the leadership of the Black Hollow because they weren’t of the original bloodline, but that didn’t mean they wanted a woman in control, especially a woman who was only at orange level. She sighed. One of the mages who’d left was busy setting up his own house, knowing that it had been done once before when the Hollow itself was created, although it would never be the same. Many mages had followed him because they didn’t like or trust her. Of course they didn’t know, couldn’t know, how much of an effect she’d had on the Hollow since she’d stepped into the position of second in command. They knew one of the reasons she’d been chosen and hadn’t believed that her cousin would have picked her as second even if they hadn’t been related. In the end it was their choice to make whether they could live with her as their leader.

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Benedict sat, alone, in one of the Garden’s three libraries, and tried not to think about Kestrel. It had been too long since he’d last seen her, but he’d always thought the next time would be when he was back at the Hollow, having completed the job he had been sent to do by Falcon. Of course things hadn’t worked out the way Benedict hoped they would, which meant he would have to do his best to keep out of Kess’ sight as well as hope that being noticed by Heliopath didn’t affect the preparations that had been made for the future. Sighing, Benedict rested his head on his hand, knowing that the best way to take his mind off his problems would be to start looking into the subject Heliopath had become fascinated by thanks to the unexpected arrival of a female mage, but he couldn’t concentrate on anything else.

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It wasn’t unusual for Quartz to dream of Ildieu. Ever since he left the city, and his family, behind he’d dreamt of them at least once a month, although it was often more. Before his younger brothers left, following the orders they were given, the dreams would be of them, the siblings he was closest to, but with them gone he found himself dreaming of siblings he’d didn’t know. Due to their father’s plan to make certain that Ildieu could stand against the mages from outside the city they were the only two left – even his father had moved on, travelling to who knew where, leaving Falcon in charge of the Black Hollow.

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