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One of the most important things to me is that I start to earn something from my original fiction. This is something I've talked about before. It's something I'm going to talk about again. For now I'm going to ask anyone who's read something and mine that they've liked for a favour. Can you share a link to any story you've really liked, for whatever reason. That can be a link to the community, if you can find it there, or the website. I'd really like to get some more regular readers, or commenters, so any help is truly appreciated.

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After thinking things through I've edited my subscription page. Support my writing in either pounds or American dollars (for now - I am happy to add other currencies if they're needed).
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The website has had an update. I still have a couple of things I want to do, but that's something I'm planning on doing at a later date. For now I'm trying to work out what I want to be doing with the stories themselves. Read more... )
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To keep things together I've started using the [community profile] kawebbwriting community to crosspost everything from the website. It would be great to have some more readers there, or at the website. Actually, with all the work I've done, I'm really happy with the website at the moment. There are still some bits that need work, like getting different art for each of the collections, but, for the moment, I don't have any issues with what's there. I've been posting more regularly, writing more regularly, and I'm looking forward to getting some new stories up in the near future.
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In the same way I've changed how I look at the way I write I'm going to change the way I look at my income from the website. For the next six months, while I'm focusing on getting stories I've started finished, my financial goal is to earn £20 (approx $30) a month from 5 of my collections. Both the Fae World and the World Walkers have been split into worlds, to make it easier to read the stories which also means it's easy to buy a story for a favourite world.

£20 a month is two new stories, for your favourite collection. You can pick a favourite setting (eg. the Fae School, or the Thieves' Hideout), a favourite race (eg. the Nox Gadael, or the Carne), or a favourite character (eg. Alice from the Donor House, or Kestrel from Heliopath's World).
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As it's the end of the month I'm doing the weekly links a little late in order to include the stories from the last two days of the month. From tomorrow I'll be switching to my new posting schedule.

The Fae World: Eorith: Luke: The First Arrival - repost, next part a work in progress

The World Walkers: Athare/Kankirin: Tanis: Escaping - repost, next part a work in progress

The Fae World: Earth: Tamara: The Dorm - repost, next part a work in progress

Aurora's World: Atecia: Opal: Talking to Margery - completed, repost, next part a work in progress

The World Walkers: Illiria: Kalena: Returning - repost, next part a work in progress

The Fae World: Earth: Claire: Inheriting a Hotel - repost, next part a work in progress

Donor House: Orestes: Stepping Into the Donor House - repost, next part a work in progress

The Fae World: Earth: Adrian: The Coffee Shop - completed, repost, next part a work in progress

Kim's Earth: Louisa: Meeting Edward - new story, next part a work in progress

If you've enjoyed reading then please share wherever you can, and you can use the tip jar to show your appreciation if you so wish. Please remember than all new stories, which will be at least 2,500 words, are £10 each, or you can sponsor a collection, setting, race, or character here. No matter how little you can give everything does make a difference and hopefully will lead to me being able to do less ghostwriting.
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That's been resonating with me a lot recently. As a writer I compare myself to others, and, because of who I am, I find myself lacking in multiple ways. Of course it doesn't matter that people hire me as their ghostwriter for a reason - they like how I write. Honestly, for me, I think the main issue in the original fiction... even though I know logically that not being on Amazon, Smashwords, and the other big sellers is going to have an effect on how many people I can reach. My website is a tiny little place in the infinite world wide web, and it's going to take time to gain a readership. I just have to be patient. I just have to believe in my ability to write. Sadly, it's not that simple, which is one of the big reasons I thrive on feedback. Feedback, enjoyment of what I write, is what keeps me going, and is one of the big reasons I have a website. I want people to be able to comment on what they've read. I want to know what you like, what you don't like, if you want more of a particular character, setting, or world, and without that feedback I wither. Writing becomes one of the hardest things in the world.

I find joy in writing, but, and this is the big thing, I find the most joy in sharing what I write. That's never going to change. I first realised this when I was at school. That was where I started writing my first 'serial'. I'd write new parts of the story each night for those who wanted to read it, and it was the best fun. I want to be able to do that again. It's definitely possible. Other people have done it, so there's no reason for me to think I can't, but, like I said before, I have to be patient. I have to take the time to build up the number of stories I have at the website. I have to accept that I can't do everything. Even though I want to be posting every day it's just not going to be possible, because I have so much else in my life. I only have so much energy and I have to accept that, as hard as it is. Unfortunately I'm just one of those people who wants to be able to do everything right now. I want to have all the stories in my mind written. There's so many of them in my mind and that's why there were so many beginnings. Giving myself the freedom to be more episodic in my writing, because that makes sense to me, has given me a lot of freedom. It's also made things harder, in a way, as I want to be writing even more than I was before.

The most important thing for this year, my main goal, is to get back into the habit of regular postings, in order to make it simpler to build up a readership. I will be posting complete stories, but, due to the episodic nature of what I do, those stories will always have something that comes next. I always have a reason for ending things when I do. Most of the time it's because I want to switch to another character and it makes sense to have their part come next. Of course that doesn't mean that things aren't happening at the same time, because they are, so there is likely to also be a part from the same character following that. Even now there are examples of that posted at the website. It's just the way I write and I don't mind that. I am who I am. That's not going to change. At the same time that's part of the reason I am always comparing myself - I don't write like other people. I'm never going to be following the self-publishing path that other people have. I am a crowdfunder at heart, I think, because that's what makes the most sense to me. That doesn't stop me from comparing myself to people who are doing the same sort of thing I am. I still find myself lacking. Maybe that will never change.

What I am going to do is keep reminding myself 'comparison is the thief of joy'. To be truly happy the best thing I can do is be who I am, and try not to see myself as never being good enough. Being me is good enough.
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Now that I've got a few more completed stories up at the website I'm going to ask for some help. There are two things I'd really like to happen - I'd really appreciate it if people could use my reaction buttons, which are set up to tell me what my readers would like to see more of, and if you could share any stories you particularly like somewhere. I'm using a different plug in for my sharing button, which means you can share pretty much anywhere online. As my focus for this year is to increase regular readership every share really does help.
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Donor House: Blake: The Auction - repost, next part a work in progress.

The Fae World: Benira and Lorasia: Lena: Saving Jake - repost, split into smaller parts, next part a work in progress.

Aurora's World: Ialaera: Itsuki: Becoming Human - repost, story finished, next part a work in progress.

The World Walkers: Kniroch/Aerith: Guinevere: Walking Into A Trap - repost, story finished next part a work in progress.

Kim's Earth: Kim: Responsibilities - repost, story split into smaller parts, next part to be posted next week.

Heliopath's World: Kestrel: The Reaction Phase - repost, story split into smaller parts, next part to be posted next week.

The Fae World: Creoth: Cassandra: Returning - new story, next part a work in progress.
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I'm in the middle of a mass overhaul of the website, so all of the stories are currently unposted, and I'm going to be reposting those that are finished, before moving onto writing more of those that need finishing. New lists have been created that I may copy to the site, but I'm not certain yet how it's all going to work. This weekend I'm going to be spending some time sorting out Case, which should be simple enough now I've worked out how I'm going to be doing it. Hopefully that means I'll be back to posting weekly next week, but no promises, as it may take longer than I expect to do work I'm planning on doing.
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To make myself feel slightly less stressed about everything I'm offering to double the first month if anyone subscribes before the end of October.

If I get three subscribers, at any price, I'll post 1000 words of continuation for three stories currently posted at the website. If I get six I'll double the number of stories, and it will go up in three until I reach 30 subscribers.

If I'm earning £30 a month from the subscribers I'll post 3000 words for one of my newer worlds, and for every £30 I'm earning after that I'll post another 3000 words, either for that story or for another.

Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.

Please signal boost. Every little really does help.
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If anyone has Facebook can they please like my page and share it with their friends. I find that having notifcations from the pages works better, otherwise there is a chance you might miss posts, as I've found with a couple of pages I've liked. If it wasn't for the fact I was notified they'd posted I wouldn't have known they had.

A couple of updates at the website - the 'Write More' information has been updated, to show the price for 500 words instead of 1000, and I've added the widget that lists the most favourite and the most write mored posts. If you want to see more of any story click the write more button on the post, because it helps me to see what people like, which means it gets pushed up the list of things to do.
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While I am still going to be crossposting adding my newly created Dreamwidth feed might be a little easier. I also have feeds for all of the collections, so feel free to add them if you want. They can be found here.
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Today I'm going to be sorting the World Walkers collection, and then, I hope, working on doing a complete timeline for the Fae World and the World Walkers. Once I have that the only thing left to do is updating the categories from some of the collections. I know that shouldn't take anywhere near as long as the job I'm doing today, so I should, I hope, be able to do that tomorrow. When I have those jobs done the website is going to be pretty much sorted. The only thing after that is writing a list of all the stories I have written and the order they're currently in, to make it easier to add new stories, which, I think, will probably be Wednesday's job. After I have that done posting should be much simpler - and I have lots to post. I have just as much to write, so I'll be working on that when I have a chance. Getting the website sorted in the important thing right now.

Another thing I need is maps. I have an idea of what I want for some of the worlds and no idea what I want for others, but if I'm going to have any idea of what happens where then maps are important. That might be something I do at the end of the week, although they'll have to be hand drawn and I don't have a scanner at the moment. Having the maps is the important thing. Unfortunately I'm terrible at maps, so it's probably not going to work out well. Something is better than nothing, however, so something is what I'm going to have.
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...are now sorted. It's possible to go from the first posted story to the last posted story in timeline order (mostly - there are still some I'm thinking about moving around, but that's a job for another day). Getting it done took all afternoon and I found I haven't actually posted a lot of stories that should be there, which means I'm going to get that sorted. Several stories are marked as incomplete purely because I have had time to check whether or not they are incomplete. Reading my own work is a time drain when I get started, so I leave that for days when I can spend hours reading them. Letting me know if any tags are missing would be very helpful, as again that means reading the stories, but the moment I start I know exactly what's going to happen - so it seems sensible to not let myself start.

If you like anything that's unfinished let me know, or toss something into the tip jar and say you want me to write the next part now. As I'm definitely going to be focused almost entirely on day care next week every little helps to keep my head above water.
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The About page has been updated. My bounce rate is still higher than I would like it to be, so hopefully this will change that.

Next thing on the to-do list in the Donor House and then the World Walkers. I'm still trying to decide if the World Walkers should be sorted by world or just do a timeline for the whole Web. Input on this would be greatly appreciated.
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I've changed the theme I'm using at the website. I think it's much cleaner, so I'm very happy with it. Opinions are always welcome, however, so let me know what you think.

As well as that I've taken some advice from the wonderful [personal profile] moonvoice and I'm updating my categories in order to show the word count for each of the posts. That's working alongside an status category, to show whether or not the stories I'm complete, and these categories are shown next to the stories on the archive pages for each of the collections. The tags also show, so you can see who's in each of the stories as well.

One slight issue I am having in the crossposter I used, which may mean I have to stop posting my fiction at Dreamwidth. For those of you who might want to read me here, or at LiveJournal, I do have RSS feeds. These can be for all the posts or for specific collections. I have the whole list on the RSS feed page.
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Having a dog to look after today has meant I've got very little work done. I'm hoping to work after he's gone, but that's going to be another half an hour, at least, and I'm going to have to eat and wash up first. However I've realised that isn't too much of an issue this month, because I'm in a good position with the ghostwriting I need to get done as well as the money I already have. Sometimes I really do panic far too much over money. I think it's because this is my first time being the main earner and I'm always going to panic over that sort of thing, especially as I'm a freelancer - so this could all fall apart tomorrow. However I'm not going to think about that right now.

Instead I'm back to working out how to get more interest in my writing. I have my website. I've done a lot of work to make it as easy to get around as possible, because that's important to me. With my new shortcodes that should be a lot easier than it has been. So what I'm thinking of doing is posting a link to three stories a day, for the next couple of weeks, and see what sort of interest I get from that. The whole point of the website was for it to be used and I want people to be using it. I want there to be comments. I want there to be discussions. I want it to be the home of my writing and where my readers know they can come to talk to me.

I do have my like and write more buttons. These would be wonderful if I get feedback from them, to say someone had clicked on them, but they don't. This doesn't mean I don't want you to click on them. Every time someone does it shows they have been reading. When it comes to comments I don't mind if they're one word. I don't mind if you're asking me questions about the characters. I don't mind if you're asking my questions about the settings. Once I have a bit more time I do plan on going back and dealing with the typoes, but that's going to have to wait for a little while, and I don't mind if they get pointed out. I just want there to be people there.
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For some reason I have absolutely no concentration span whatsoever. It's annoying. I'm flitting between working and not doing anything useful, so I thought my uselessness could become a blog post, especially as I've been working things out in my head I probably should write down somewhere.

There is a chance I might be renting a desk/office. At the Bognor Campus of Chi Uni they have a system set up for that, so I'm going to be having a lot on the 4th of June, because working from home is not working as well as I need it to. James, and the dogs, and everything, are incredibly distracting, so being able to go somewhere a couple of days a week would be very helpful. Plus, if I'm out on days when James is day sleeping, there is less of this expectation I'm going to be here when he wants to be getting up, which means he's going to have to sort himself out. Of course this is going to lead to whining and complaints for a while, but being the main earner means I need to be able to focus on what I'm working on and that means he can lump it. As much as I love him I need to think of myself sometimes. I'm not very good at it, but this is a step in the right direction. Having a place purely for work is going to change things for me.

I'm still waiting on Patreon to get back to me. This is irritating, but not a surprise. I want to know what the problem is and if they can fix if. If they can't I need to be thinking about what else I can do to crowdfund. (Once again I'm damning the people who came with EU VAT - mostly because they thought a law created in 2008 or whenever it was would work in 2015. Head, meet desk.) However this does mean I have been thinking of ideas for the Monthly Membership. For the collections that have the most characters/worlds/stories I'm going to be splitting them up. So, for example, I'm going to be splitting the Donor House into characters. This will be in timeline order, so I'll have all the stories from Alice's POV, and Nick, and Lewis, and whoever else I've written more than one story for. For Aurora's World I think it's going to be by kingdom, at least to begin with, and then I'll go from there. For the Brotherhood it will be by House. By doing this I can see what I have and what I don't have, which is important.

Then I need to make a decision about the novellas. Do I put them separate to the Monthly Membership and a part of it as well? I think I will. Separating them means buyers can purchase something as a one off and then make a decision as to whether they want to be a part of the Monthly Membership. It's not much more work, either. Putting them up as two things is relatively simple on Gumroad, which is why the Collection Ebooks are up separately.

Now that I've mentioned the Collection Ebooks I need to go into more detail about what I'm doing about them. They have been changed from the Collection One Ebooks to the Collection Ebooks for a reason. Instead of creating something new every time I update the ebooks I'm just going to update them there. This means you won't be buying the same stories more than once. You'll simply be able to download the new version and see what I've updated. I might have a page at the front talking about what I've done, to make it easier for readers. Obviously I will always have the tipjars up at the website, so if you do want to toss some pennies in after you've downloaded the new versions I won't complain, but I also don't mind at all if you don't. Doing this is all about making things the best value I can.

I've also got some new shortcodes at the website, for my series plug-in, that are going to make life much easier for me - because it means I don't have to post links for all the stories I write. I can just add a shortcode and like magic there's the whole list. I'm very happy with this. The easier I can make my life the better everything is. Now all I need to do is update the Donor House, Fae World, and World Walkers collections there, and then the website is tidy. I like tidy. Once I have tidy I can hopefully go back to working on stories. Writing is the most important thing in the world to me - but then I have an income to earn. If they both meshed the way I want them to life would be a lot easier.

Oh, and I can hardly let a post go by without asking for some signal boosting help. Any signal boost is great. A short one, a long one, one included in a load of other things... every boost is a chance of earning a little more income. More income means less stressed writer. Less stressed writer, I hope, means less flitting about, because it's driving me mental. What I want boosted, for the foreseeable future, is my Monthly Membership and the Collection Ebooks, or for simpleness send them to my profile. I know it's annoying having to create a new logon, but I'm not going to be leaving Gumroad any time soon (as far as I can tell, anyway, because the EU doesn't think short term - it only thinks long term).
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I have no patrons at Patreon, so I'm thinking of shutting it down. If I was making a little income from it I would leave it as it is, but I don't see the point in expending the extra energy, of which I have so little at the moment, on something that's not helping me towards earning money from my fiction. At the moment I'm barely going on my website - all I'm doing is posting Case, before moving onto something else, so I need to change that, because I'm certain I missed a raffle. That doesn't really matter, because no one's entering them and no one seems to be reading at the website, so I really do need to think about exactly what I'm doing with that. Finishing stories, obviously, is the most important thing, but it's hard to do that when I get so few comments. With my ghostwriting I get input, people tell me they like what I write, which makes it easier for me to focus on that... and it does help that I'm getting paid for it as well.

Being able to make $1200 from my original fiction is now the thing I'm aiming for and to do that I think I'm going to put the novellas at the top of my list, so I can put them online (although I'm still searching for an easier way of doing that, because I don't want to ring the IRS to get an EIN due to my phone phobia), as well as finishing the stories I've started posting, so I can start publishing them as well. What I need is more time, which I won't be getting until 2015 I think, when we're in the annex, because then, I hope, I'll be able to sort everything out better than I have now. The plan is to buy some things that will help me stay organised - like a nice white board for me to write down everything I'm working on.

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