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The website has had an update. I still have a couple of things I want to do, but that's something I'm planning on doing at a later date. For now I'm trying to work out what I want to be doing with the stories themselves. Read more... )
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Eorith is one of the Fae World worlds. When I started writing it I knew it was going to be a world with classes, but I'm still working out exactly which ones I plan to use and how that's going to affect things. Obviously, because it's one of my worlds, I had to add unusual races. The first one to be introduced were the Curatix Canes. I have to admit to using a lot of Latin to name things, as well as some other languages, but I never used more than one language in a name. I also have to admit to having a lot of races that are mammals, often dogs and cats, although there are a number of other animals on the World Walkers worlds. (Feel free to ask questions about them.) The Curatix Canes are dogs, about the size of Great Dane or English Mastiff, and they have magic.

I'm still working out the magic of this world. That can be one of the most difficult parts of the world building I do, in part because I write at different times, and magic, in my worlds, always evolves. I might learn something about it and then find it's different in ten, twenty, or a hundred years time. What I do know about it is that the magical races have dealt with a long war, that I'm still learning about, which is why humans are being drawn there by the magic of the world - so it's obvious they're going to have an effect on what happens next.

As it's one of the worlds I know least about it would be great to have someone to bounce ideas with, especially related to the classes and magic, because that always helps. I know there are several other races, one humanoid, but so far they haven't come forward yet. The other thing that helps is asking for more stories on this world, as I often learn as I write.
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Commissions are now up at the website. Getting everything into one place is already making me feel happier, so now all I need to do is make some income from it.

One thing I'm going to do in the next couple of days is post a request for some random numbers, because I have a lot I want to do and seem to be incapable of focusing on one thing at a time. Some of it will be new work and some of it will be old work that needs completing. Everything, when it's done, will be posted at the website - at least until the time comes when there's a threshold put in place for EU VAT.

I also need some world building help if anyone is interested. Send me a PM or an email kayleigh.a.webb[at]gmail[dot]com for more information.
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I have updated the forum at my wiki. I have a board specifically for world building, so if you want to get involved you can do so there.
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Occasionally I wish that my worlds stayed simple. I had this lovely image of Gaelom being nothing more than the world where people went for weapons and now it’s decided to let me know that actually it’s much more like the USA, so I’ll actually be writing about the United States of Gaelom. *sigh* Unfortunately that’s all I know right now, although I have a feeling that each of the States is going to have a different magic and it’s not as though I have enough types of magic to play with.

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39. Quiar

Sep. 30th, 2012 02:31 pm
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Welcome to Quiar

Created by Elizabeth Barrette.

I cheated and copied everything from the word document she sent me, because I couldn’t write about this world as well as she can. Quiar is a beautifully created world and I can’t wait to post the first story about it. I’m hoping that, if she feels like it, Elizabeth may also explore this world.

There is a lot of information behind the cut, which is why it’s behind a cut, so take your time and enjoy exploring Quiar.

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There are, occasionally, doors that lead to hidden places, including Aerith and Kankirin, but they have their own rules. Some appear for one person who is in real need, taking them to a safe place that they may never be able to leave; others appear for a certain period of time and may disappear without being used; while the third kind, that are very rare, stay open permanently but move around continously, so getting though it is total luck and getting back is almost impossible. None of these doors malfunction, because they are created naturally, and if there are any problems then the magic that created the door fixes it before they can be noticed by anyone.

When the web was created it took the magical strength of all the world creators, but was the idea of Riordan and Emrys. They were the first Blue family members asked to work on the creation of the new worlds, so they began by coming up with a system that would allow the magic created to move around all the worlds, and what they created was a system of tiny magic tubes. Once it was created the fae focused on the worlds, while Athare worked on making a good system better. By the time the first world was placed Athare was very happy with its work in creating gates that would allow the other worlds to choose if and when it shared magic with its fellows. The web around Athare was the only part without these gates, because it knew that closing a gate would destroy the web, as the web was created using its magic.

The worlds themselves began life in miniature. It was easier than creating them as full size planets and meant they didn’t waste huge amounts of magic when some of the worlds failed. All of the world creators were glad that there were very few failures, but even a few was too many, because the magic couldn’t be reused. Each Blue family member worked with a different group of people for each world, once they knew the world wouldn’t fail, which always included a Yellow, as they were needed to create the races. Often a Gold would be involved and occasionally a Silver, although these groups didn’t always work well together.

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One thing I’ve realised while working on the world walkers world building posts is that I know a lot about points in time, about characters, and there are worlds I know much better than others, but when it comes to knowing the whole timeline, from beginning to end, how the worlds look, and about all the races I’m still working things out. I will be going back to all the world posts to update them as I get to know each of the worlds better. They need, for a start, maps, which are one of my least favourite things to work out, mostly because I can’t draw maps. In the next couple of days I’ll be sorting out the calendars, so I know when the walkers and ‘demons’ arrive on other worlds and when they get back to Athare, which will be interesting. Then I have the tattoos to design, which is going to be just as difficult as the maps.

When I’ve done all the basic world posts, and I have two of those left, I’m going to make a start on the basic race posts. There will be a lot of them, because there are a lot of races on the worlds I’m currently working on. I’m looking forward to it though.

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The web was created by the fae to collect magic from the worlds they had created and, as the world in the centre of the web, the plan was for Athare to have the most magic. However they didn’t know until almost a century after the last world was created if it was actually working or if the whole plan had just been a waste of both time and magic, which would lead to the fae having to flee to yet another new world. This lack of knowledge didn’t stop most of them from using magic as they would have done on their old home world, even though the World Walkers Council attempted to teach them how to live without magic.

It later became used as the walkers route through the worlds. Often walkers will learn about a strand of worlds in order to make their journeys through the web easier, otherwise they would have to use temporary tattoos in order to travel through one world to get to another. There are walkers who simply make their choices based on which worlds they would most like to visit and have no problem with the temporary tattoos. Occasionally temporary doors are created, normally if the world the walker has to travel through is dangerous in some way, but these never last longer than an hour. If a temporary door is created then it’s always watched closely by a walker until it fades away. The only other time a temporary door is created is if there is a door malfunction. Normally they’re easy to solve, but as the doors get older there are more malfunctions.

The ‘demons’ have more choices as to the route they take, because of the way the magic of the worlds work. Taithmarin has no connections to any of the worlds the fae created, because it wanted nothing to do with the fae, but still allows Athare to occasionally draw off any excess magic for use by the races who have to use magic from the core of the world. It views Athare as its mother and the fae as its father. The magic it gathers can also be used by the worlds surrounding it on the web, who it views as siblings, but this rarely happens. Gaelom, however, has more connections than the walkers know about, that can only be used by ‘demons’. If either the fae or the walkers had tried to utilise the doors there is every chance that they would have moved.

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Riordan never thought that their elder would arrive back from the meeting to say that Queen Mab was seriously thinking about allowing them to create new worlds. It was something their family had talked about before, along with a couple of other families, but it was something they thought they would have to work on in secret, at least until Mab was replaced. Everyone he talked to wanted it to happen sooner rather than later, because she had made mistakes that couldn’t be forgiven. He thought differently. Forgiving his Queen wasn’t something he thought he was going to be able to do, as he’d lost too many people he’d cared about, but he didn’t think they should push her out of her position without giving her a chance to repair the damage she had done.

Shaking his head, Riordan told himself to focus on what he was meant to be doing. Even if Mab said no to their plan they were going to make a start on what needed to be done. Most of the older fae had… he sighed, running a hand through his hair. As the magic of their home had faded into nothing so had many of the people he’d looked up to. They needed to make sure that it would never happen again. Unfortunately, no one knew quite why it had happened. It was obviously because of the fae, as they had been the only race on their old world, but they didn’t have enough information on what exactly had caused the problem.

There were many who thought, still, that it had just been bad luck. It could have happened to anyone. Riordan didn’t agree. When Willow left, taking her fae with her, there had been a time when it seemed as though things were getting better. Mab thought that she’d made the right decision and the elders agreed with her, because none of them believed that they really were using up the magic they relied on. Once it failed again it happened faster than before, killing hundreds before they could even think about what to do next, but by the next day everyone who survived was on Athare.

Now it was just a case of making sure the magic of Athare didn’t fail. Riordan agreed that their only option was to create new worlds with new races, because they could replace the magic that they had used, as there wasn’t time to work anything else out. If he’d had a choice he would have studied the magic and found out why the magic had failed in the first place, before making any decisions. There was every chance that creating the new worlds, using Athare’s limited well of magic, could just destroy Athare, instead of working the way the fae needed it to.

Tapping his finger on the table, Riordan thought of who was going to be asked to work as world creators. He knew, without any doubt, that he would be one of them. It was his experiment they were basing the whole idea on, after he’d created a small town, with the help of one of his close friends, in a box. Now they wanted to create whole worlds and he didn’t know if it could work. Part of him wanted it to work, but there was a tiny voice in the back of his mind telling him that the whole thing was wrong.

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This is a list of all the Blue family members who were in control of creating the new worlds, with the number of worlds they created next to them and the names of the worlds they are currently known to have created. As more worlds are named the list will be edited. During the process they were joined by members of other families, but it was down to the Blue family to do almost all the work, as they had the ability to create the worlds.

Riordan – 6 worlds (Kniroch, Beshaki)
Emrys – 5 worlds (Taithmarin, Gaelom, Quiar)
Ianto – 5 worlds (Kankirin)
Bryn – 5 worlds (Janoch)
Torin – 4 worlds
Oscar – 3 worlds (Saethera)
Ruarc – 3 worlds
Sibeal – 3 worlds (Aerith)
Aubrie – 2 worlds (Raenarin)
Piaras – 2 worlds (Siaral)
Anwen – 2 worlds
Saiorse – 1 worlds

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