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A world where the Millennium Bug was real, only instead of it affecting computers it gave some children born from one minute past midnight on the 1st of January 2000 powers. Some people, a group who called themselves the Brotherhood, already knew about these children, and had been preparing for them for decades, as they didn't know exactly when the powers these children had would manifest. For some it happened early - the shapeshifters, for example, found themselves in a very difficult position between the ages of six and twelve, but fortunately they soon found themselves a home with Leonard, the son of the man who first found out about the Millennium Children, thanks to a crystal that he stole from the Brotherhood when he walked away from them.. He taught them how to use their abilities, the same way the others of the Brotherhood did, even though they'd fought over what they should do with the children.

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It wasn’t a surprise. Kara sat in the office of the Unity house she’d died in and smiled at Richard as he walked into the room. He smiled back, sitting down next to her, with his back against the wall and his knees up against his chest. They’d met before, the first and second times she’d died, and she knew it wouldn’t be long before he started trying to convince her that she should move on, but for a while they simply sat together in companionable silence. Even though she knew why he was there she was grateful for the company.

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From the time I started walking down the alley I knew I was being followed. Miles didn’t want to lose me. He’d told me that himself at the end of one of my training sessions and that was when I realised I had to leave. Running away from the Brotherhood was never going to be easy, but I planned it all out so that by the time he’d put in an application to train me personally, a thought that made me shiver, I was ready to go. That did mean leaving everything behind, especially the mobile phone I’d be given, because I knew there was a tracker in it.

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Lucas walked into the room. He was an easy person to spot. One corner of the lounge always filled with girly sighs and Kara could feel his power. She didn’t have to look up to know that he was flanked by Simon and Andrew. They were his best friends so they were always together. When she looked up he was heading in her direction, alone. Simon went to sit with another of their friends, Gary, while Andrew headed straight for Eric. Eric wasn’t interested in Andrew but that didn’t mean that Andrew was going to give up. When he set his heart on someone he usually got what he wanted. Kara kept her focus on Lucas.

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This didn’t go where I planned for it to go, at all, and I’m going to, tentatively, say that this is the beginning of another Alternate Universe for the Brotherhood. It was going to be about the very beginning of the Brotherhood and how someone found out about the Millennium Children, but instead it fits in much later in the timeline.

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It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m K. A. Webb, a crowdfunded writer with a love of creating fantasy worlds, and this is the place to start if you’re new to my work. Here I’ll introduce you to all of my collections, my way of crowdfunding (because all crowdfunders work a little differently), and hopefully make things much easier for you than they would be if I hadn’t written this post.

Currently I write fiction for fourteen different collections. Some I write more for than others, because they’re favourites with certain readers, but it’s easy to get me to write more for your favourite collections. I have regular prompt sessions, as well as a prompt page for prompts outside of sessions; you can sponsor a collection so I’ll post more fiction;  you can rent a setting, adopt a character, or create your own ebook, and have fiction emailed to you. The majority of them are fantasy, because I enjoy world building, but my main focus is always the characters I’m writing. That’s a part of the reason I enjoy writing AUs and crossovers.

Most of my collections have been a work in progress for nearly a decade now. There was a time, before I started crowdfunding, when I thought my work wasn’t good enough. It’s possible I still would now if I didn’t have readers who tell me that they enjoy what they’re reading, but I started crowdfunding without knowing if I would succeed or fail, and that was terrifying. I have no idea now how I convinced myself – I’m just thankful I did. People do read my work, although I have no idea how many, and I’m glad I took the plunge.

The oldest collection I write fiction for is the Donor House collection. I started writing the first story for this collection when I was still at school, in a way that could almost be seen as writing serial fiction, because I used to write a bit each night and then my friends used to read it the next day. That was when I realised how much I enjoyed having an audience. Now my focus is the Donor House, which is set locally to me, although I do also write for the world outside the house too. In time I want to begin writing for the two other houses that are in the UK and I would love to have a couple of houses in other countries. At the moment I’m writing fiction from all over the timeline, including from before the house was created, and my aim for this collection in the next year is to introduce all the main characters in the first Donor House that would be there in 2008.

As with all of my collections the Donor House has changed a lot since I first started writing for it. When I first started writing the stories I had this image of a house that had been in use for centuries, but it turned out that I started writing right at the beginning of the timeline. I would love to write about the House in the future, and the vampires I’ve slowly been introducing, because I started this collection to explore the different ways the vampires deal with being what they are. The House itself was started as somewhere vampires who were having trouble being vampires could hopefully find a home, as well as somewhere vampires could begin integrating with humans. Writing about the characters in the House is something I really enjoy and as it’s also a favourite with others I guess I’m not the only one who enjoys this collection.

If you’re new to this collection I suggest you start here.

My next oldest collection, and the one that has changed dramatically since it was first thought up, is the Thear collection. Originally it started as a story about a number of girls who were sent to the planet Thear because there weren’t enough females there for all the males. There were arranged marriages and it was all very different to the collection it’s become, although I am also posting some AUs that show where I began with Thear. Now it’s about the three races who live on Thear – the Dorma, the Uisdro and the Tein-Igni. One thing I plan on doing relatively soon is going back to the beginning of the story and finding out why these three races ended up living together on the same island. I know at one point they got on well, working together to make a home for themselves, but things changed and that’s something else I want to explore.

Thear is easily my most religious world. Everyone here believes in at least one of the deities of Thear, although there are problems here caused by their religion, which is one of the things I’m exploring. As Thearan deities were also once worshipped on Earth this collection has a very close link with the Deities’ World collection.

Strangely the Deities’ World collection is one of my newer collections. I started working on it because Callidora, the daughter of Hades and Persephone, wanted me to start writing about her. The collection has grown as more deities have started pushing me to tell their stories, including Lucifer. I plan on writing about all of the Thearean deities, continuing to write about Callie, exploring the world a little more, and it seems likely I’ll end up writing about Archimedes (Callie’s older brother).

It’s also possible that the Deities’ World collection may start connecting with the Pagan collection. Paganism has always been something I wanted to write about, because I’m a pagan (although I’ll admit that I’m not a very good one), so I’ve been working on fiction for this collection for a long time. Anna, one of the main characters, has changed a lot during that time, and she’s now a girl with amnesia trying to work out where she fits in now that she can’t remember her family or old friends. She is one of the characters I want to throw into as many situations as possible to see how she reacts.

New to these collections? Start here with Thear; here with the Deities’ World; and here with the Pagan collection.

One of the things I love doing is writing characters with magic and seeing how it affects them. Three collections I’m writing fiction for have different magical systems: the Aurora’s World collection; the Heliopath’s World collection; and the Brotherhood collection. (I’m planning on changing the names of Aurora’s World and Heliopath’s World, because they were working names created using characters I was focusing on in the collections.)

The Brotherhood Collection is another one I’ve been working on for almost a decade. Originally it started out as a werewolf story, then it become about two different groups with magic fighting each other, and now I’m using a mix of both ideas, along with the Millennium Bug. The basic storyline is that children born after the year 2000 can have magical abilities and the Brotherhood want to collect them. Shapeshifting is one of the first abilities to maifest, which often has an adverse affect on the children with that power. Later on there are two distinct groups – the Brotherhood and Unity – who aim to teach the children how to use their abilities, but go about it in entirely different ways.

The Aurora’s World collection is relatively new. I started it because I wanted to write about magic being illegal and it ended up becoming the home of one of my most involved magical systems, where the magic a character has is related to when they were born. Every power they have, how it manifests, and when are all affected by the exact moment of birth. I’ve been working on it slowly, because making it’s not a simple way of doing things, but it is fun. Recently I’ve started exploring the other kingdoms and this has led to the introduction of the magic thieves. They steal power from those who don’t know how to use it, some collect magical powers, and their hideout was created using magic. Learning about them has been really interesting, so they’re definitely something I plan on exploring further.

The Heliopath’s World collection is also relatively new, but has gone through a lot of changes during that time. Originally it was a dream world, where characters lived two separate lives on in two places and the story I wrote was about what happens when those two lives collide. Now it’s become about addictive magic, which is something I’m still working on, but every spell a character uses leaves them with some form of withdrawal symptom and the harshness of that symptom depends on the strength of the magic. The other thing I’m exploring is about what happens when a group of magicians all live in one town and forget about what is happening in the world around them.

New to these collections? Start here with Aurora’s World; here with Heliopath’s World; and here with The Brotherhood.

A group of collections that are connected are the Fae World collection, the ‘Astral’ World collection, and the World Walkers collection. I’m still trying to work out if I should integrate the ‘Astral’ World stories into the Fae World collection, because I’m pretty certain that both the worlds were created when the fae were experimenting.

The Fae World collection is actually set in a number of different worlds, including Earth, due to the destruction of the fae’s home world. An overuse of the world’s magic led to the problem, because the fae had no way of returning the magic they used to the world’s core and didn’t want to stop using magic. Stories follow what happened to the griffins, a natural race whose home was the world the fae destroyed; the Dragons, a race created by the fae; the Shifters, who split between going with the Dragons and the fae; the merpeople, who went with the fae; and the twinned worlds, where Lena lives.

The ‘Astral’ World collection is about two different groups of people: the magicians, who have magic and live on Kalinia; and the thieves, who don’t have magic, want it, and spend the majority of their time trying to get it. but can only travel to Kalinia for short periods of time. I’m not certain I started with the right characters or in the right place in the timeline, but I do plan on exploring the creation of the thieves, how the magicians ended up on Kalinia, and exactly what the magic can do.

The World Walkers collection is about another group of the fae, the Thirteen Families, who buried their heads in the sand before realising they had no choice but to flee their home world. In order to stop the same thing from happening to their new world, Athare, they chose to create a web of worlds in the hope they can collect magic using that web. Currently I’m exploring a number of worlds, getting to know some of the races the fae created, and learning about all the different magics the races were given. No one really knows what’s going to happen in the future, especially not the fae, and the name of this collection comes from one of the most unexpected things to happen – the evolution of the World Walkers. The fae aimed to be in control of everything, but magic often makes decisions for them.

New to these collections? Start here with the World Walkers collection; here with the ‘Astral’ World collection; travel to the twinned worlds; meet the griffins; meet the merpeople; meet the Dragons; or meet the fae.

The Afterlife collection is one of my newer collections and I was originally planning on focusing on Caitlyn’s studies as she learnt to be a spirit guide. Instead Richard, who was originally a minor character, ended up becoming Death and taking over. I started working on this not long after someone close to me died, because it does help to write about the afterlife, and I’m glad I did. Somehow it’s become another reader favourite, so I often get prompts for this collection, and I plan on working on a lot more bonus material, as I’m writing about my view of the afterlife.

If you’re new to this collection start here.

The Magi collection is an older one and another that went through a number of changes. Thomar is the character who’s changed the most, because in his first incarnation he was not a nice person, but slowly he seems to have become one of my favourite characters and one I want to write about more. With this collection I seem to be beginning in the middle of the storyline once again, between when the Magi were kept as slaves by the Carne (Thomar is one of the Carne) and when they slowly begin to rebuild their relationship. The Magi are healers and known around the world for their abilities, but due to their past they refuse to help the Carne, until one Magi girl puts aside her feelings and does what she thinks should be done.

I plan on exploring the history of this world a lot more than I have done, especially the history of the Magi, as well as the other races and the magics of the world. This is one that doesn’t see to have become a favourite, although I love it, so it’s been on the backburner a little while I work on other things.

Start here with this collection.

My final two collections are both set on Earth, but they are alternate universe Earths. One is Kim’s Earth, where a population surge changed the world, and the other is a world where there is still an Inquisition.

Kim’s Earth is one that I want to work on more than I have. The idea is one I’ve had for a while – a man-made apocolypse, where the majority of people remaining are under sixteen. My apocolypse was an injection, created to stop Earth’s population from increasing for five years, that ended up killing everyone that had it. Of course there are conspiracy theories about whether the drug was tested well enough before the injection and some people take them seriously, including Kim’s father. She is one of the few people over the age of sixteen alive and ends up taking on the job of looking after a group of children, because they all look up to her. I plan on exploring this world a lot more, as there are other groups that I want to write about and I want to write about the future that they all have.

The Inquisition collection has a very basic premise – the Inquisition never ended. What would life be like if there was still an Inquisition, although this Inquisition is a little different. As I haven’t worked on this collection as much I’m not certain on some of the details, but it’s one I want to make more time for this year.

Start here with Kim’s Earth and here with the Inquisition.

I also write AUs and crossovers, because I love exploring different decisions my characters could have made, how they might have lived if they’d been born on a different world, what their story might have been if they were a different gender. If you’re interested in seeing more of any of these remember the prompts page, you can use the write more button that I have on the bottom of all my posts (every click equals 500 words), or you can commission me to write the story you’re craving.

If a story has already been written it’s going to be up for sponsorship. Every donation of £3 or more will gain the donor a perk and if you have no idea what you want to sponsor then you can ask for your donation to go into the general fund. If you’re low on money but would love to purchase some extra words then collect credits – every comment you make could get you one step closer to what you want.

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Meredith climbed in the window, the same way she did almost every night of the week, and found herself face to face with a man. The training she’d been given before she escaped the Brotherhood meant she knew exactly who he was, but she couldn’t believe that he really was alive. As one of the first born he should have been dead, not stood in front of her smiling, even though she’d heard stories that he was one of the leaders of Unity. Believing in Unity and its three first born leaders was like believing in fairy tales, so she’d chosen not to. It appeared she was wrong.

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It had taken time, and a couple of lifetimes without a mind power, for Daniel to realise the mistakes he’d made over the centuries. His first life had been the worst, when he’d been drunk on power, surrounded by people exactly the same, and he had regrets from that life. More of them than he cared to admit, especially when it came to Kara. Often he thought about what it would be like starting again, but that was something that could never happen, so all he could do was live with the regrets and try to change the Brotherhood into something better. At least until the day he arrived.

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