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When the fae arrived I didn’t think anything of it. Our house was far enough away from the places of magic that we wouldn’t be affected if they did grow and Dad never mentioned anything about Mum being different. Continue reading.
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Type: fantasy, alternate Earth, other worlds

One of my largest collections in terms of settings, with only the World Walkers having more, which also means there are a lot of characters. Some are on Earth, where one group of the fae ended up, along with some of the shifters and the mer people; some are on Kalinia, which has become home to the Magicians, now that it has regained some of its magic after what the fae did it; and others are on numerous other worlds, ranging from the world the griffins ended up on to worlds that have become real because of the magic the fae brought with them when they travelled to Earth. I still have plans for another couple of settings in this collection, so it's likely to become even bigger, and I can't help wondering if a couple of the other worlds might fit in to this collection somehow, although I shouldn't think that everything happened because of the fae. They have been the cause of a lot of problems, in part due to their insistence on experimenting at times and curtailing these experiments when they feel that they don't have enough control over what's happening.

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“Stand still,” Vaughn said, without looking up from where he was busy drawing sigils on the ground.

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“Are you sure?” Gary asked, rubbing his eyebrow with a finger. It’s what he does when he’s worried. “You want me to protect Craig from anyone who’s searching for him?”

Nodding, I looked over at the screen again, wondering what it was Craig did to have the police hunting for him, but I know I’ll never ask. He came to me for help and that’s exactly what I’m going to give him, even though I know I probably shouldn’t. We were friends for too long for me to say no when he turned up on my doorstep, a mix of sweat and tears trickling down his face, looking around to make certain that he hadn’t been followed. Until I managed to convince Gary to use his magic to protect Craig he would be safe enough behind my wards.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea.” Gary was staring at the screen too when I looked back at him. “We don’t know what it was he did.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“He’s using you.”

“That doesn’t matter either.”

“It matters to me, Penny.”


“Maybe you don’t want to listen to me, but if you want me to help him as much as you say you will.” Biting hard on my lip I nodded again and Gary continued. “ I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to help Craig when I don’t know what it is he did, because there’s probably a good reason he’s wanted by the police. Unfortunately he’s dragged you into the whole thing now, just by turning up on your doorstep the way he did, so my only real option is to help him because I’m helping you at the same time.”

For the first time I felt bad for dragging Gary into my problems, but he was stronger than me magically and could do spells that were beyond my capabilities. “You know I couldn’t have turned him away.”

“You should have.” Gary shook his head. “The search for him has been on the news for three days now and for all we know he might have murdered someone.”

“Maybe he has.” I sighed. “I just promised him a long time ago that if he ever needed anything I’d be there, no matter what it was he did. That was probably a mistake, but I made it so I’m going to keep it.”

“What happens after I protect him?”

“Craig’s going to leave.” Shrugging, I tried to seem as though I wasn’t bothered by that. “It was the only way I could convince him to let me ask you for help.”

“Penny…” Gary rubbed his eyebrow again. “Please, promise me that you won’t go with him.”

Sometimes I wished that Gary didn’t know me as well as he did. “I promise you I won’t go with him.” Making that promise hurt more than the thought of him leaving, but it was one I had to make. “My entire life is here and I’m not going to throw it all away for him.”

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If I’d caught them further down the mountain I would have warned them sooner what was going to happen. As I hadn’t, and I was travelling in the same direction, I decided to join them. Maybe I still should have told them when we first met, even though it was inevitable, but I didn’t really want to be alone any longer, no matter how much I’d wanted to avoid the entire world at the beginning of my journey. They, three humans males who looked to be in their late thirties, stumbled across my camp while I was still asleep one… I have to admit that it was getting close to midday, although technically it was still morning. We were all surprised and I think what surprised them most was the fact I was still asleep.

They were climbing the mountain for fun, while I was planning on sleeping for a century. Once we reached the summit that was exactly what we did. I could see the other sleepers, even though they were invisible, and I thought that afternoon, as we were setting up camp, that I should tell them what was going to happen. It didn’t matter if they didn’t believe me. It didn’t matter if they tried to make their way back down. Nothing was going to stop the mountain from putting them to sleep. That was what the mountain did, although no one was quite sure why.

As we ate the meal that Rick had prepared I bit my lip. “Have you ever heard the story of this mountain?” I asked, looking into the metal dish thing I was using rather than at any of my companions.

“Of course we have,” Jeffrey replied, sounding amused. “We came up here to prove the stories wrong.”

“What happens if the stories prove you wrong?”

Silence followed my question. I gathered my courage and looked up at them, to find them all staring at each other as though that was something they hadn’t thought of before, before Jeffrey shook his head. “I don’t know,” he said, the honesty in his voice terrifying. “I guess we should have planned more for that possibility.”

“Are the stories going to prove us wrong?” Rick asked, looking at me, and once again I was certain that he saw more than he let on.

“Yes.” I sighed. “Tonight you will go to sleep for a century and when you wake up the world will have changed.”

“Is there a reason you didn’t tell us before?”

“It was already too late, Rick. You’d passed the point of no return. If we’d met before that point I would have told you, so you could have made an informed choice.”

“We made an informed choice. We knew the stories. Even though we didn’t let ourselves think about it we knew we might end up falling asleep for a hundred years.” Rick raised an eyebrow. “As you knew the stories I’m guessing you also made an informed choice, although you knew that you were coming up here to sleep for a century.”

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“Anne,” a female voice called.

It took Lyn a few moments to realise that someone was calling her, who obviously didn’t know that she’d stopped answering to Anne centuries before. The name held too many memories, so she’d asked everyone she knew to call her Lyn in an attempt to begin her life again, but there were a few people she hadn’t been able to. Like, as she turned around to find out who was calling her, Jane, who had disappeared about a year after she’d been rescued. Lyn didn’t think she’d ever see Jane again, but there she was, looking very different to the girl who had been rescued from the Tower. As their eyes met it was easy to see Jane still remembered the Tower, it wasn’t a place that anyone could forget, and Lyn had a feeling it was their shared memories of the Tower that were the reason for her return.

“I go by Lyn now,” she said, watching Jane warily.

Jane nodded. “For a time I thought about changing my name, but it’s not going to change who I was.”

“Nothing will change who either of us was.” Lyn ran a hand through her hair, feeling uncomfortable. “I’m more interested in who I’ve become in the years since and that is why I chose another name. Anne’s someone I left behind a long time ago.”

“Do you ever regret it?”

Lyn raised an eyebrow. “Regret what exactly?”

“Letting them rescue you from the Tower?”

That was once a question Lyn would have had difficulty answering, even after she’d made the decision to leave Anne far behind her. “No, I don’t. I’m too happy to be alive. Do you?”

“Sometimes, Lyn.” Jane shook her head, sighing. “Everything changed when they came and sometimes I wish I’d had the courage to tell them to leave me where I was, but I wasn’t ready to die. Now… if I had the choice again knowing what I would become I can’t help thinking I would have stayed in the Tower.”

“Maybe you would.” Lyn smiled. “I might have done as well, because I wouldn’t have believed it was possible that one day I would be a sorceress, looked up to by hundreds of girls who want to follow in my footsteps. There were girls who wanted to follow in my footsteps back then, but it was different.”

“Back then you changed the world.”

“It would have changed without me. Henry was the one who made the changes and I was just the reason. If I hadn’t been there it would have been someone else he fell madly in love with. I was just the unlucky one to fall in love with him in return.”

Even though Lyn had been told that looking at the other possibilities would just make her unhappy she hadn’t been able to stop herself from viewing the other lives of Anne. In one she’d been lucky enough to survive loving Henry and ended up living in a convent, while in the others it had been disaster after disaster. When he fell out of love with someone it was as strongly as he fell in love with them.

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For the first time since the war Enid thought she could feel the presence of another Dragon. Yawning she sat up and glanced at the clock. It was early, so maybe it had just been another dream, because she’d had more of them than she could remember. No one believed that the Dragons had ever existed, but she knew differently. She hadn’t changed since the day she lost her entire family, her necklace buried under piles of clothing so she wouldn’t be tempted to, in part due to the guilt she still felt for not being there when they were attacked. There was nothing she could do by the time she heard about what was happening, even though she wished there was every time she felt the loss of another one of her people.

Breathing deeply Enid wiped the tears off her cheeks. She forced herself to focus on what had woken her up instead of the past, because there was nothing she could do to change it. In her head there was another flicker, that reminded her of the moment that a born Dragon woke. Two Dragons still lived, even though she’d felt them all end nearly a thousand years before, and she did her best to work out what had changed. Why could she feel Dragons? What could have happened to them to make her feel like they’d all died? What would happen now that they were back? Shaking her head she tried not to let the sudden fear she felt affect her ability to think.

If Enid’s father was alive she was just going to have to deal with it, but with her necklace off he wouldn’t be able to find her unless she wanted him to. Did she want him to find her? Would the last thousand years have changed him in any way? Was he even still alive? She sighed. Too many questions and not enough answers. What she needed to do first was find out the answers to her most important question before she made any decisions, but she didn’t know how to do that without putting her necklace on. A shiver, of cold and fear, hit her as she slipped out of bed and made her way over to the drawer.

Enid opened it, staring down at the jumper on the top of the pile within it, and tried to work out what she was going to do. Another flicker meant there was a third Dragon. Three Dragons were alive. If she was going to get in contact she needed to do it before… Before what? Did she really believe that something had happened to them that was like death but wasn’t? Biting her lip she thought for a long moment about what magic could do and considering the fact they’d been created by the fae she couldn’t really disbelieve the theory without proof one way or another. She took a few moments to push all her worries to the back of her mind before she shoved her hand under all the clothes and touched the cold necklace that was on the bottom of the drawer.

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