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To make things nice and simple for me on a Sunday I'm going to have a World Walkers list. I love this collection, even though it's far huger than I ever expected it to be.

My first story is Riordan: The First World Walker, because it's relatively early in the collection and introduces two of my favourite characters. I need to write more about them. It's also set on the first world, the main world, and I need to write more about Athare as well - especially as one of the most interesting things about this collection is the sentient worlds.

The second story is Glyn: A Door to An Unexpected Place, as it shows what happens to a natural Walker when the doors do what they want to do. I need to finish this one, so it's definitely on my list, but if it's one of your favourite let me know and I'll try to work on it sooner.

The last story is set on one of my favourite worlds, Taithmarin. I love Taithmarin, and the races, and everything about it. I need to work on more stories set here, so as a reminder to myself here is Luna: The Book Portal.

Please visit and comment. I'd love some more comments.

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Dreaming of Athare could never have truly prepared Emrys for what it would be like to step onto another world. Continue reading.

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