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“I don’t know,” Willow answered. “There may be signs, like humans having fae like ears or eyes, but that doesn’t mean that they’ll have any magical abilities.” Alder felt her eyes on him and again wondered what she was thinking. “It’s entirely possible that someone could look totally human and yet have fae magic. We just won’t know until it happens.”

“That’s was what I thought the answer was going to be,” George said, as he scribbled down some more notes in his notebook. “We need to decide what’s going to happen to those people.”

“The fae are unlikely to accept them into the places of magic, because they’re mixed bloods and the pure blood fae don’t like mixed bloods, so we’re going to have to work something out between us. I doubt the humans would fully accept them either.”

Alder knew, unfortunately, that every word Willow had just spoken was true and he hated it. There were probably more mixed bloods than the fae would ever like to admit to, at some point he didn’t doubt there would be more mixed blood than pure blood fae, but they would never accept that. Blood purity was all that mattered to some, making certain that they were as fae as possible, even though the most pure blood wasn’t a guarantee of having the strongest powers.

George, unexpectedly, smiled. “You’re right. I hate to say it, but there are too many of us who don’t like things that are different and not enough who accept the people who have differences.” He tapped his pen on the desk again. “Will all the places of magic connect?”

Willow looked at Alder and he knew she needed him to answer the question, but he didn’t know the answer because there were only theories. “It’s not certain,” he said. “The few fae who did visit Earth at a time when the places of magic were more than they are now have some vague memories of there being two or three places of magic separate to the others, but that’s not enough evidence for us to say one way or another. With us here even those places might end up connected, so it’s not as though we could use those places for the mixed bloods, and I honestly think that it’s up to us to deal with the problem because we caused it.”

“I agree,” Willow said. “We’re not going to get the pure blood fae to accept the mixed bloods, but I’m almost certain that we have enough mixed bloods ourselves to create towns within the places of magic for both groups.”

“Is that a good idea, though?” Alder asked, unsure if it was a good idea. “Segregating them may cause more problems in the long run.”

“Right now I don’t think we have a choice. Not all the mixed blood humans will even want to live with the fae, but we need to be able to give those who do a safe place to live and learn about being fae.”

“Would it work if we created border towns?” George asked. “Once I have a map of the places of magic I’ll be able to work out which towns, but if we make towns that are both within the places of magic and outside them then maybe it will work better than having mixed blood towns totally within the places of magic.”

Again, Willow looked at Alder, and he found himself without an answer. “It might work. I just have a feeling that border towns might become a part of the places of magic, although… Maybe we could work it a little differently. If we create towns within the places of magic that aren’t warded then it might be better.”

“The question becomes,” Alder replied, as he thought of what would come from having humans and fae mixing, “what are we going to do about teaching the fae about the humans? There’s going to be a majority who won’t have any interest in the human race, because they are fae and therefore they are better, then there will be a minority who will be fascinated by them.”

“A school might be the way to go,” George suggested. “Where you can teach the human fae to be use their magic and the fae who are interested in humans about us.”

Willow turned to look at Alder and their eyes locked. He knew the fae needed to know about their own history and understand that not knowing had caused them to repeat the same mistakes twice, but they wouldn’t all want to know, any more than they’d all want to know about the humans they were joining. Those who did… he didn’t know if there would be enough to make a different. All the fae would be fascinated by the race they were sharing a world with, but that didn’t mean they’d care at all about working with them. It was more than likely the fae would think of themselves as being superior to the humans.

The sigh from Willow told Alder she was thinking exactly the same things he was. Sometimes they were on the same wavelength and it was really helping them, but he didn’t know how long it would last. When he looked at Willow he saw someone who was grateful for all the help she could get, which could change once she was more certain of being the leader of the fae. He didn’t think she would randomly ditch him in favour of other advisers, but that didn’t stop him from worrying.

“What do you suggest?” Willow asked, aiming the question at both George and Alder.

“If you get me that map then you can use one of the schools that I’m certain the places of magic will eventually have within them,” George replied. “I’m going to need to move the bulk of the humans out of those areas as soon as possible, so it will help with that too.”

Alder nodded. “I’ll get someone on that when we get back and get it to you as soon as I can. Some of it will be nothing more than guesses, but it’s better than nothing. The school, if we are going to use one of the human schools, will probably need adapting, especially if we’re going to be teaching the mixed bloods how to use magic. I’m guessing it will probably be like…” He only knew of one thing he could compare it to.. “A human boarding school. We’ll need places for people to sleep, work and eat.”

“We’ll need to find teachers too,” Willow said. “The healer Finnian might help and his sister.”

“Don’t worry too much, Princess,” Alder answered, smiling. “I have some very good ideas for teachers.”

It was nice to see Willow return his smile, even though he could see the worry in her eyes. Alder would ask his friends, the people he trusted, to take teaching positions within the school, which would put it in their control, and that was something the elders really wouldn’t like. Knowing that the elders wouldn’t like it didn’t bother him, because they were going to be the most against the fae mixing with humans, as though it was something they could stop.

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