May. 16th, 2016

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Very few humans ever found an entrance to the fae school. When they did it was seen as a great achievement and they were automatically accepted for training. Some of the older fae didn't think that any human should ever be accepted into the fae school so they did all they could to make sure that all the entrances stayed hidden. It didn't always work. Occasionally the increased protection actually helped a human find an entrance. Tamara was one of those humans.

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Collection: The Fae World, Status: Complete, Word Count: 4000 - 5000
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Now that I've got a few more completed stories up at the website I'm going to ask for some help. There are two things I'd really like to happen - I'd really appreciate it if people could use my reaction buttons, which are set up to tell me what my readers would like to see more of, and if you could share any stories you particularly like somewhere. I'm using a different plug in for my sharing button, which means you can share pretty much anywhere online. As my focus for this year is to increase regular readership every share really does help.

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