Jan. 17th, 2016

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The sponsorships page has been updated. I've been thinking a lot about this, because I realised if I'm going to be focusing on finishing things then I need the sponsorships to reflect that. Fortunately that isn't a big job, so I changed it from word count to number of stories, which means for every sponsor there will be at least one new story posted every month/week. The aim is for each of those stories to be around the 3,000 word mark, but that won't always happen. Some stories work out longer and some work out shorter when I'm writing naturally.

I've also posted a new part of Morgan: Weaing White, as that's one of the stories I'm aiming to complete this month, and posted the next part of the Anne Boleyn AU. I'm probably also going to be posting two parts of Kim: The Injection, because that should also be finished this month, and so far I've only posted the first part when I have five done.

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