Jun. 1st, 2016

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When Nate asked me for help the last thing I was expected was for the two of us to end up at a fancy ball. Normally when he asked for help I’d find myself covered in mud, blood, and a lot of nastiness I really don’t much like thinking about. As he made certain the mask he’d bought me was on tightly I studied him. He seemed more tightly wound than he ever had done before, which was worrying. Even at the goriest of jobs he was laid back about it all, often joking about whatever ended up in my hair, so his quiet perfectionism was something I didn’t much like. I could have asked him what the problem was. Maybe I should have done, but I didn’t want to make things harder for them than they already were. Instead I double checked that his tie was straight and his mask was comfortable.

Read more: http://www.kawebbwriting.co.uk/the-fae-world-kalinia-adriana-the-dukes-ball/

Collection: The Fae World, Status: Complete, Word Count: 4000 - 5000

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