May. 19th, 2016

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On her way to her room she passed her dad's study. The door was closed, so she opened it and walked into the room. At first the only thing Kimberley could do was stare at everything they were going to lose. No electricity meant they had no electronics at all and the computer that sat on the desk was going to be useless. There would be no Internet connection, which meant the world was going to be a very large place once again. It was something they were all going to have to get used to, because they’d always lived in a world full of technology and food that was readily available at the local supermarket. On the desk, next to the computer, she found three envelopes. Seeing them made her smile, even though tears were welling up in her cheeks. He'd left a letter for each of his children. She picked them up. Kimberley's letter was on top. After looking at it for a few moments she put it into her back pocket with the other two. She didn't want to read it yet. Her choices were made, with the help of both her brothers, and she was happy with them. If her dad suggested anything she knew she would feel like she had to do as he suggested, so she simply wasn't going to read it until they were all settled in at her nan's house. She had one last look around the room and then left everything that represented the life she’d had before behind.

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Collection: Kim's Earth, Status: Complete, Word Count: 3000 - 4000

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