Feb. 17th, 2016

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At the moment I still have no orders, and my last clearing day is the 29th of this month. If I was to get a couple of orders by Saturday there is a chance I'd be okay financially, but, as I haven't heard from anyone in the last few days, I'm not certain how likely that is. Therefore I'm turning to my online community for help. Right now, although I know James can help, I'm in one of the most difficult positions I've been in, especially as my back-up fund has now been entirely drained.

My target is £300. This is entirely going to go towards the rent. I'm offering one new story for £10, which will be at least 3000 words, or any donation to go towards the completion of one of my unfinished stories. For those of you who don't know much about my worlds I'm going to post the most basic information in a cut below, which will also include world/collections I haven't started writing for.

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Every little really will help me out at the moment. Having no back-up fund is the hardest part of all this. For every £50 I earn I'll write something new for the website, which might be a story, a meta-conversation, or something else.

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