Feb. 15th, 2016

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Cate ran the brush through her hair as she stared into the mirror, thinking about the conversation she’d had with Alice. It had been easy to be supportive, the vampire was one of Cate’s closest friends, and she did honestly believe that one death wouldn’t have a huge effect on the House. They’d done too much good in the time they’d been open. Her only worry was the hunters. Sam wasn’t a part of that worry any longer, not since he’d taken the time to get to know Alice, and Cate would always be grateful to Alice for not giving up on him, but the rest of them… Having grown up in a family of hunters she knew how single minded they were.

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Collection: Donor House, Status: Complete, Word Count: 1000 - 2000
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Anne stared at her father. “No.” She shook her head. “Henry is bad enough mortal.” That was something she knew she’d only be safe saying at Hever, because everyone who worked there was loyal to her family, which was why what happened was still a secret. “I don’t believe any King should be immortal, but Henry…” It was impossible not to think of the damage he’d caused when he tried to get over her by using her sister. “This is a mistake.”

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Alternate Universe, Collection: Donor House, Status: Complete, Word Count: 4000 - 5000
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“Stand still,” Vaughn said, without looking up from where he was busy drawing sigils on the ground.

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Collection: The Fae World, Status: Complete, Word Count: 4000 - 5000

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