Feb. 14th, 2016

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Mirica didn’t know what it was that caught her attention, but it was probably nothing more than the tiniest noise. Like her brother she heard things that no one else did and there had been a couple of times when that ability had saved both their lives. That time… She made her way down the stairs, s

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Collection: Aurora's World, Status: Complete, Word Count - 5000+
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On Thear it was the night of the full moon. It was also the first full moon after Aisling's sixth birthday. That meant it was time. Persephone had spent most of the day preparing for her first meeting with the girl she had been watching but she still felt nervous. Breathing deeply to try to make it fade, she checked the pool to make sure Aisling was deeply asleep before calling to her. While she waited she berated herself for being so silly. She'd been a goddess for over two thousand years and she'd easily met thousands of people in that time, which meant there was no reason to be nervous when meeting a six-year-old girl. Even a six-year-old Thearan girl.

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Collection: Thear, Status: Complete, Word Count: 2000 - 3000
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The last thing Bree ever expected to receive was a message from Trey asking her to visit him at the Residence. It had been years since they had last seen each other, before he had started training to become a priest. Now he was the High Priest of Herne while she was well on her way to becoming the

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Collection: Thear, Status: Complete, Word Count - 5000+
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Bree couldn't sleep. To begin with she'd been laying in bed but she didn't feel comfortable in it. It was softer than her bed at home. Then she'd sat on the floor for a little while and tried to meditate. She hadn't been able to stop herself thinking so it hadn't worked. Finally she'd decided to stare out of the window at the garden even though she couldn't see anything very well. For a few minutes she had managed to divert her thoughts by contemplating whether she should climb out of the window or not. In the end she decided not to, just in case someone decided to check on her.

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Collection: Thear, Status: Complete, Word Count: 4000 - 5000
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It had taken Sam two weeks to gather the courage he needed to be able to contact Alice, after the mess he’d made when he visited the House. Even as he called her number he found himself wanting to end it before she could answer, but he didn’t, he let it keep ringing because he needed to talk to her

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Collection: Donor House, Status: Complete, Word Count: 2000 - 3000
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Staring out of the window of the office, Alice picked up her phone and then put it down again. Talking to Garion, admitting what had happened, wasn’t a conversation she felt ready to have. Unfortunately she knew she couldn’t avoid it, because he needed to hear it from her rather than from a biased newspaper. Once again she picked up her phone, biting hard on her lip as she tried to work out the words she was going to use to explain without all the information, and then searched through her contacts for Garion’s number. When she clicked the dial button she knew there was no going back.

Read more: http://www.kawebbwriting.co.uk/donor-house-alice-talking-to-garion-and-cate/

Collection: Donor House, Status: Complete, Word Count: 3000 - 4000

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