Jul. 2nd, 2017 03:09 pm
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 I'm back at Patreon. Patreon will be home to early access works, to worldbuilding stuff, and more. Getting it back up feels like a good thing, but I don't know. We're still dealing with a lot right now. I just want to be starting it up again, to see how things go, because I want to be doing my own thing, but I am just lacking in so much energy. Everything I have is mostly going towards surviving.
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Demon Assassin's work posted at Patreon. It's patrons only, but you can spend as little as $1.
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My Patreon is down for the foreseeable future because nothing I post as Patrons Only is staying Patrons Only. I have contacted them, so we shall see how things go.

All twelve collection ebooks are available for £7.50, or £5 a month if you're interested in being a part of the Monthly Membership, and I'd really appreciate some signal boosting on that. If I can get ten sales before the end of this month I will be very happy and it will buy me some time to work on the things I want to be working on. Like the novellas I started. Before I realised my Patreon was having issues I posted them up, which meant rereading them, and they were better than I thought. If I can get those complete in the next couple of weeks I will be pleased and it is now possible as I'm mostly caught up. I just have one series of orders to do and then I'm back to normal. That makes me happy. Patreon issues makes me annoyed.

Now I need to go do things. If you want to boost a particular collection feel free to head to the website and pick out a favourite story to add to it.
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Working Title: Werewolf

A story from 2010. The names need changing, but I'm happy with this one, so it's going to be continued at some point in the future.

Working Title: Kaitlyn Vampire

2010, again. This is an early look at a Nick, although not the final version, and also when I started thinking about an injection that would free vampires from their 'curse'. I definitely need to go back to it.

Working Title: Anna

I was doing a lot of work in 2010. This is my first amnesiac Anna and I definitely want to finish this version of. It's interesting to see how my stories have evolved.

Working Title: Inquisition

Oh, yay, this was written in 2011. Reading this reminded me of why I enjoyed writing these stories so much. I have to get back to it, although I'm not certain if I'll be continuing this version.

Working Title: Rebecca's Story

Another 2011 story. This is one of the first stories written for Thear and I like it more than some of the newer works I've done, so I'm definitely going back to it.

Working Title: Aislinn's Story

The sequel to Rebecca's story.

Donor House: Bastien: The Hunt

I claimed this one back from a buyer, because their editor hated it. Personally I think it's a good beginning for the story I was planning on writing, so I will be continuing it, and then I will be selling it. (The buyer didn't pay anything for it and it was my idea, so I don't see anything wrong with that.)

A Visit From Hades

I love Hades to bits, so when he said he wanted a go at having me write for him I was happy to do it. He's got such a big personality he gave me a headache. (Did the same last night when I was having a conversation with James about the Hades I know - who happens to be a big fan of Hades from the Disney movie. James now thinks I'm even more weird than he did before.)

[Recording] Mirica: A Thief in the House: Part 1

Hear my lisp! Now at least I know why I have as much trouble with Dragon as I do. It can't understand my lispiness.

Then there are the ebooks, so a lot posted, and hopefully next month will be the same, although a lot of my focus will be on Etsy. I need passive income. I'm doing good with the active though, so that's a step in the right direction.
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Busy day today, although I've not been working on what I should be. Instead I recorded myself reading the beginning of one of my stories and posted it to my Patreon, which led to me finding out my lisp is far worse than I believed it was, so I'm not too pleased about that. My voice doesn't sound the way it does on that recording to me. Hopefully it's something I'm going to get better at, because I did enjoy doing it. I also posted up the collection ebooks and the first Case ebook as freebies to anyone who is on the $5 tier.

I also posted the second chapter of my fanfic. I don't know if I posted a link last week but I'm KAWebb there.
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There's a new beginning up at my Patreon - it's for one of my novella series. It was one I started ghostwriting, only to find the editor destroyed it, and I claimed it back from them.

I'm still in need of at least one alpha reader from the beginning of May. All this means is letting me know if there are any typoes and if you have any other issues with the story, like parts of it being confusing. Getting some ebooks up at Etsy is the next big thing on the list, so the sooner I've got someone there I can send my work to the sooner I can get something up for sale there. More than one would be better. Even now I still write a lot and I don't need to take on anywhere near as much ghostwriting work as I thought I'd need to in order to make this work for me, so I'm pretty happy about that. Just keeping my regular buyers is going to be enough and I've already spoken with most of them about what they want from me as their ghostwriter. This gives me much more freedom to work on my own worlds and that's such a relief. I think part of the block I've had writing comes from where I haven't been able to as much.

As I've said before even a dollar spent on my Patreon really does help me out. Feel free to share anything I've posted freely at my website, as long as it's correctly attributed, to show people how I write. The more people I have interested the better off I'm going to be.
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Another new old story is up at Patreon.
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Newly posted to my Patreon is one of the first amnesiac!Anna stories. Toss in a dollar and see where the collection began, so very long ago (2010 feels like decades ago).

In the next couple of days I hope to get up one of the early Thear stories, which might actually be better than some of the newer ones and I can't work out why I didn't continue with it. Then I also have one of the early Inquisition stories to go up.


Apr. 6th, 2015 01:47 pm
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Since finding out they are dealing with VAT I've set up my Patreon page again. Please check it out and donate if you can afford it, because James has cut down his hours, so I need to be making a certain amount a month. I can do this with the ghostwriting, but I'd rather do it from my own work.
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I have no patrons at Patreon, so I'm thinking of shutting it down. If I was making a little income from it I would leave it as it is, but I don't see the point in expending the extra energy, of which I have so little at the moment, on something that's not helping me towards earning money from my fiction. At the moment I'm barely going on my website - all I'm doing is posting Case, before moving onto something else, so I need to change that, because I'm certain I missed a raffle. That doesn't really matter, because no one's entering them and no one seems to be reading at the website, so I really do need to think about exactly what I'm doing with that. Finishing stories, obviously, is the most important thing, but it's hard to do that when I get so few comments. With my ghostwriting I get input, people tell me they like what I write, which makes it easier for me to focus on that... and it does help that I'm getting paid for it as well.

Being able to make $1200 from my original fiction is now the thing I'm aiming for and to do that I think I'm going to put the novellas at the top of my list, so I can put them online (although I'm still searching for an easier way of doing that, because I don't want to ring the IRS to get an EIN due to my phone phobia), as well as finishing the stories I've started posting, so I can start publishing them as well. What I need is more time, which I won't be getting until 2015 I think, when we're in the annex, because then, I hope, I'll be able to sort everything out better than I have now. The plan is to buy some things that will help me stay organised - like a nice white board for me to write down everything I'm working on.
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My first patrons only post is up at Patreon. This is an exclusive for Patreon only, so if you're interested in reading it, all you need to do is give $1 a month. It will, in the future, be in an ebook, but that won't happen until the end of the year/beginning of the next. I've got some Patreon only perks available too.

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