May. 1st, 2016

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Waking up was more difficult than normal. Kestrel blinked a couple of times before attempting to move. It almost felt like she had a hangover but she knew she hadn't gone out drinking the night before. All she could remember clearly was going to the library in the neutral area because she needed a book for an assignment and then there was just a fuzzy blank. Slowly she sat up. At first she just wanted to lie back down to get rid of the headache. Then she realised that she was in a room she had never been in before. Breathing deeply she slipped off the bed, her unexpectedly bare feet touching carpet. There was no doubt in her mind that something bad had happened when she was in the neutral area because neutral didn't mean safe. Nowhere was safe and she was sure she had been careful. Obviously she hadn't been careful enough.

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Collection: Heliopath's World, Status: Complete, Word Count: 2000 - 3000

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